About Aerian Essentials

Live Bravely.
Valerie Lim, Miss Universe Singapore 2011 with Jonas Gaffud
Valerie Lim, Miss Universe Singapore 2011 with Jonas Gaffud
An opportunity to enable

Just a few months ago in March, Miss Valerie Lim (Miss Universe Singapore 2011 and the current National Director of the Miss Universe Singapore organization), reached out to facilitate a donation of face masks made with a special nanosilver material via the Miss Universe Philippines organization, through its Creative Director, Jonas Gaffud. The patented nanosilver fabric that she donated was developed by her fellow National University of Singapore (NUS) alumnus and PhD Chemistry holder, Dr. Liu Hongjun, an internationally recognized chemist who is known for his work as a green scientist.

“Valerie and I are really good friends and we go way back. When she reached out about the donation, it ultimately led to a deeper conversation about taking on the greater challenge of how to effect a long-term benefit for the community. Aerian Essentials was, thus, born,” reveals Jonas. 

An initiative is born

Thus, after a donation of 2,000 face masks, the team took on the greater challenge of making the most essential item needed to flatten the curve, as well as prove livelihoods for workers displaced by the pandemic. “We need to innovate and strategize if we want to survive. This was a daunting project but we are constantly encouraged by positive feedback. We also know that our intentions are appreciated by our stakeholders, and this is what keeps us going.” he adds.

Valerie Lim, Dr. Liu Hongjun and Harry Huo
Valerie Lim, Dr. Liu Hongjun and Harry Huo
Aerian comes to life

Combining this innovative material and the design expertise of Albert Andrada, the Aerian protective wearable concept came to life. This material was turned into stylish and functional protective wearables designed by Albert Andrada and produced through the talents of various Filipino designers. Aerian Essentials is poised to produce other protective wearables and is committed to creating products that will enable people to live in the new normal without the anxieties. It will be a part of our lifestyle for years to come. As the brand’s battle cry goes: LIVE BRAVELY.

Our Vision

To become the industry leader for protective wearables as a way of life and to further the cause of protection from viruses and bacteria not only during the pandemic, but for years to come.

Our Mission

To offer innovative and effective protective wearables to everyone.